The Castle – 5 Stars

Skye Warren

Endgame Series (Book 3)

Release Date: April 4, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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Safe in the ivory tower…

Gabriel Miller swears he’ll keep me safe. Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike. An army held back by these walls.

Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer. It’s already here. Is Gabriel my protector or my enemy? Is this house a castle or a cage?

There’s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to trust.

No escape from a past determined to capture its prize.

The Pawn (Book 1)


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The Knight (Book 2)


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about-the-authorSkye Warren

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dark romance such as Wanderlust and Prisoner. Praised as a “true mistress of dark erotica”, her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, four dogs, and one evil cat.

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5 Stars

Holy crap.  I feel like I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke. But I need something – the conclusion to the Endgame series was everything I craved for Avery and Gabriel.  Which made reading The Castle so freaking satisfying.  I loved it.

Avery and Gabriel are a scorch the earth to the ground type of couple. I don’t even know if that is the saying and I feel like I am full of clichés but sweet Jesus.  That is the only way I know how to describe them.  Together they are hot.  Intense. And addicting.  You might not understand this duo but you will worship the love they share for one another.

The Castle is the culmination of years of deception and betrayal that they have lived with.  Harsh, bitter rivals must be faced so that solace and happiness can be won for Avery and Gabriel. Chapter after chapter – these three books have been filled with games and manipulations which all came to ahead.  And Skye Warren saved the best confrontation for last book.

I mean even go so far as to call it epic… and you can search the blog. I don’t use that term lightly.  It was simply spectacular reading.

Honestly, as this point – I have no words.  If you have not meet Avery and Gabriel, here is your chance.  Their story is complete and it is a must read.  Don’t waste another day.  Get these books.


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