Royal Disaster – 4 Stars

Parker Swift

Royal Scandal (Book 2)

Release Date: April 2, 2017


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“He’s not who you think he is . . . ”

Meeting Dylan Hale has turned my life upside down. I’m dating an actual duke who’s devastatingly handsome and deliciously naughty. On the surface, I’m living the high life. But this surreal world of royalty and paparazzi is getting out of control.

Someone knows way too much about Dylan and me-about the moments when we’re alone, about how his hands leave a trail of fire over my skin . . . about the complete control he has over me between the sheets. And worse, it’s starting to become clear that Dylan’s keeping secrets from me, too . . .

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Parker Swift

Parker Swift grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and then grew up again in New York, London, and Minneapolis and currently lives in Connecticut. She has spent most of her adult life examining romantic relationships in an academic lab as a professor of social psychology. Now, she’s exploring the romantic lives of her fictional characters in the pages of her books. When she’s not writing, she spends her time with her bearded nautical husband and being told not to sing along to pop music in the car by her two sons.

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4 Stars

I read the first two books in the Royal Scandal series in less than 48 hours. The plotline was intense and I was consumed by the couple. I wanted to learn to the truths buried beneath the secrets and lies. I desperately needed their feelings and connection to be true – I wanted Lydia and Dylan’s happily ever after.

The second book, Royal Disaster essentially picked right up where the first one concluded. Lydia and Dylan are struggling through the difficulties of being a part of such a public relationship as well as coping with mysterious threats toward them.  Dylan desperately wants to protect Lydia but his efforts make them weaker as a whole instead of the powerhouse couple they could be.

As I read, I found myself feeling overly emotionally toward Lydia and Dylan.  Especially Lydia – I loved her.  From her excitement and passion toward her friends and her career.  I was impressed over and over again at how she dealt with all that life threw at her.

Dylan on the other hand…. well, I didn’t really like Dylan in the first book.  His decision to keep Lydia a secret made my heart ache for her and frankly, he angered me.  I thought she deserved better.  However, in the second installment, he redeemed himself and I understood why he is the way he is.  I found more empathy for him.

Overall, I thought their chemistry and banter was what made this book enticing.  I liked these two together.  I wanted them to find answers and to get past their problems.  I’m not sure what will happen in the third installment but I’m hooked and will look for the new book.

I would definitely recommend checking this new romantic suspense series out.




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