King Of Hearts – 4 Stars


Irish Winters

Deuces Wild (Book 1)

Release Date: November 24, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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book-blurbTucker Chase. FBI agent and tough-as-they-come ex-Navy SEAL, Tucker’s take-all-comers attitude attracts trouble on the job and off, but he still gets the hard jobs done. He makes no bones about being the baddest ass on the planet—until his ex-wife runs off to Vietnam with his only son. Until the woman he won’t admit to loving leaves on some humanitarian mission to who knows where.

Until he has to ask for help…

Melissa McCormack. Widow to one of America’s finest USMC war heroes, Melissa is everything Tucker isn’t. Sophisticated. Wealthy. Respected. Don’t forget celibate since Brady, the first love of her life, passed away. She wants Tucker as much as he wants her, but not if she ends up like that elite rifle he totes, the one he could field strip in his sleep without thought or care.

The one he takes for granted…


excerptTucker stared at his fellow agent, his mind caught between two hellish firestorms and two impossible decisions. His eleven-year-old son on one side, the woman he loved on the other.

And there it was, the eternal dilemma of every hard man with an impossible job to do, whether as a SEAL, an FBI agent, a police officer, or a fireman. Do I stay or do I go? Who do I save? The men who would die for me, or the family sitting safely back home waiting for me, counting on me?

Which mission was more important—keeping the home fire burning or putting out the flames of war on the eastern front? Rescuing Melissa or rescuing his only child? For the first time in his life, he honestly couldn’t decide.

about-the-authorIrish Winters

irish-wintersIrish Winters is an award-winning author who dabbles in poetry, grandchildren, and rarely (as in extremely rarely) the kitchen. More prone to be outdoors than in, she grew up the quintessential tomboy in rural Wisconsin, spent her teenage years in the Pacific Northwest, but calls the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah home. For now. The wife of one handsome husband and mother of three perfect sons, Irish divides her time between writing at home, and traveling the country with her man while – writing. (Seriously, what else? She believes in making every day count for something, and follows the wise admonition of her mother to, “Look out the window and see something!”

To learn more about Irish and her books, please visit

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my-review4 Stars

King of Hearts was my first book from Irish Winters and I’m kind of torn… because even though I liked parts of this book, I struggled with certain details in the story.

Tucker is an ex-Navy seal who became an FBI agent. He’s kind of a hot mess but he’s likable even with all of his flaws.  His entire life revolves around his career with the exception of his feelings for Melissa – who he is completely smitten with.

Melissa on the other hand is a widow who has strong feelings for Tucker but she isn’t quite ready to let the presence of her dead husband go. It creates quite the conflict between the two of them – leading her to head in one direction and him in another.

When Melissa and Tucker’s paths cross again, they are in the mix of human trafficking, drugs and a custody case.  It’s one hell of an adventure.  It creates a thrilling story is filled with highly suspenseful and fun paranormal sub-plots.

However, I struggled with that there was almost too much to this book. It’s the first story in a new series and I thought the author wrote it like I should already know all of characters back stories. (At one point, I double checked to make sure I hadn’t missed a book.)  This was coupled with also too much constant drama and emotional extremes.  At times it was overwhelming and several times I had to go back and re-read scenes because I was confused.

Overall, I found it entertaining and enjoyable even with the things that I disliked.  However, I do think King of Hearts is going to be one of those books that as a reader you either absolutely love or you cannot finish it.  I recommend checking it out to see which category you fall into.


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