Outsider – 4 Stars


Olivia Cunning

Exodus End World Tour (Book 2)

Release Date: September 27, 2016


Reagan Elliot should be living her dream…

She’s touring with Exodus End as their new rhythm guitarist and gaining more notoriety and fame than she ever imagined possible.

She’s earned the devoted love of not only one, but two spectacular men. Her committed threesome with sexy guitarist Trey Mills and her hunky bodyguard Ethan Conner is stable, loving, deep, and satisfying for all involved.

But sometimes the world sees things differently and is determined to destroy what it doesn’t understand.

Can Reagan’s relationship with Trey and Ethan survive the cruel backlash of the media, her family, and a bigoted public? Or will the talented musician lose everything she holds dear in the face of her own burgeoning doubts?

Outsider is the second book in the Exodus End World Tour series. It’s also the sequel to Double Time, the fifth book in the Sinners on Tour series.

my review4 Stars

Who else desperately wanted to jump back into bed  onto the bus with this band?!? I know I was thrilled to read Outsider – there is so much on-going drama with Exodus End that it was exciting to go back on tour with one of the hottest bands on the book market!!

So here’s the deal.  Outsider’s story backtracks a little bit from the previous book, Inside.  Since the author did this, you get to experience some of the more exciting chaos from the three main character’s perspectives and it is awesome.  Then plot then moves forward and you’re living through the fall out of the band’s secrets being released. It’s intense – you wonder who is out to sabotage the band, especially at Reagan’s expense.

It left my heart aching for this group of characters. Reagan, Trey and Ethan are all desperately in love with one another but how do they find their happily ever when the world is suddenly involved and judging their every move?! Especially when certain members of the group are not willing to be completely honest about their sexual preferences.

It makes for a crazy entertaining romance that not only made my heart beat just a little bit faster but it also made my lady bits scream with joy. I absolutely adored this group and their romance.

Outsider is a must read erotic romance – don’t miss Reagan, Trey and Ethan’s leg of the tour.  And if you’re not already apart of this journey, I highly recommend that you don’t waste any more time – get these books today!



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