Wrong – 4 Stars


Stella Rhys

A Stepbrother Romance

Release Date: September 13, 2016


Amazon US  •  Amazon UK

book blurb

Rock-hard abs. Cocky smile. Sculpted hipbones that scream filthy sex. Liam Cage is walking torture for any girl in New York, but especially me. He’s my stepbrother and on top of that, I’m living under his roof. I’m following his rules. I’m nothing but his good little girl and so I can’t want him. I can’t tempt him.

I can’t bait him into touching my half-naked body while I lay “asleep” on his couch.

… About that.

It was every kind of wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I stripped down for my stepbrother. Tortured him. Forced him take out years of pent-up lust on my body in one sticky, sweaty shot. Long story short, I made the hottest mistake of my life, and I know there’ll be consequences, especially with a past like mine. But now that I’ve opened up Pandora’s box, there’s no going back. Basically, I’m screwed.

But when it’s with a man as painfully sexy as Liam, screwed has kind of never felt so good.

**Wrong is a raunchy, angsty standalone novel with a HEA.**

about the author

Stella Rhys

Stella Rhys is a romance writer who lives in Manhattan and should pay rent to most downtown coffee shops. Born and raised in New York, she’s a sucker for glitz, glamour and steamy, fast-paced love.

Author’s Links

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my review

4 Stars

Stella Rhys’ new book, Wrong – oh my naughtiness. Liam and Sasha were a tempting and delicious guilty pleasure.  They were dirty… Sexy.. and hella enticing.  They had some truly incredible sexual chemistry.   Soooo… Arrggh!! I seriously hate that I both liked and disliked their book.

I loved the premise of the book and it started really well.  Sasha pushes Liam into finally acknowledging their feelings for one another.  However, she didn’t take into consideration the fallout from taking what they have always desired.  It creates quite a bit of chaos and lots of tension.  It also makes their journey toward happily ever after a long uphill battle.

And this is where the book fell flat for me. I felt that beyond the intense sexual moments, the author didn’t give me too many moments to really fall in love with this couple. I was completely turned on by Sasha and Liam but I was not emotionally tied to them so after a while whenever they incurred a new bout of drama it felt like irritating and tiresome.

I’m not sure if the turmoil felt forced or how exactly I would describe it. Each new crisis didn’t pull me further into the book; instead it left me wanting to walk away. Which I found completely disappointing because the characters, the storyline, the MMA gym were all very tempting.  It’s like the pieces just want to put together quite right.

So for me, if it was based only the sexual components, I would definitely recommend Wrong but not necessarily for the story.  However, after reading the other reviews I might be one of the few that this book didn’t work for – which happens.




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