Then Comes Marriage – 5 Stars

then comes marriage

Emily Goodwin

Release Date: June 30, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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book blurb

Fall in love—check.

Get engaged and plan a perfect wedding—check and check.

Find my fiancé with another woman—I never thought I’d check that off the list, yet here I am, putting a giant “X” in that box just months before we take our sacred vows.

Along with recovering from a broken heart, I’m left with the mess of canceling all things wedding. The venue gave me the deposit back. The florist canceled my order with no charge. The resort we booked for the honeymoon—yeah, they’re not giving me a dime. But I’ll be damned if I throw away a chance to spend two weeks in a tropical paradise, lounging on the beach with a drink in my hand, looking for anything but love.

When I see Derek Turner—a sexy homicide detective I’ve run into a few times before—walking along the beach, I’m not sure if he’s stalking me or if it’s fate. Dark and brooding with a past he refuses to talk about, Derek is the last thing I need…and is exactly what I want.

But when what started off as a rebound turns into something more, something neither of us can deny, I’m left with love’s greatest irony: finding the right person at the worst possible time.

First Comes Love


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about the author

Emily Goodwin

Emily_Goodwin.jpgEmily Goodwin is the author of the twice banned dark romance, STAY, as well as over a dozen other titles. Emily writes all types of romance, from love stories set in the zombie apocalypse to contemporary romances taking place on a western horse ranch. Emily lives in Indiana with her husband, children, and many pets, including a German Shepherd named Vader. When she isn’t writing, Emily can be found riding her horses, designing and making costumes, and sitting outside with a good book.

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my review

5 Stars

Then Comes Marriage was a quirky, sweet romantic adventure filled with laugh out loud moments and scenes so tender that they will make your heart swoon. It is the perfect beach read – I loved every moment between Rachel and Derek.

Rachel thought she had everything. Her life was all perfectly coordinated and even though she wasn’t 100% happy, she thought part of being an adult was to realize life is not a fairy tale. But then her fiancé turned her life upside down with the ultimate betrayal and suddenly she needed to go back to start.

She’s not the only one struggling with finding happiness. Derek also had his heart and trust destroyed but instead of coping with it, he is drowning all of his heartache and pain into his career as a detective.

So when they are essentially exiled from their lives – individually and for very different reasons – they both escape to paradise. It’s there that fate has their paths crossing and they spend a week together finding friendship, romance, passion and love.  It’s bliss.

However, before they can race off into the sunset they need to overcome several challenges if they want to get their happily ever after. By that point, I found was completely rooting for them to find their way and I devoured each page so that I could experience it with them.  It’s great reading for fans of romance.

I liked that where I thought the plot would be slightly predictable it wasn’t. I loved the characters and felt their struggles.  Overall, Then Comes Marriage was fun to read and I definitely recommend it.  Grab your copy today!


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