Weathered Love – 5 Stars

weathered love

Tracie Redmond

The Prick Series (Book 2)

Release Date: May 27, 2016

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book blurbLife doesn’t come with a weather forecast. There isn’t a report to tell you when a storm is coming. When the dark clouds roll in, you are lost to the depths of your own making.

Camaron Willis only had one person he could count on. One person who could always lift him up. After almost destroying their friendship he has to sit back and watch her marry someone else.

His world is consumed with darkness as the storm clouds wage on in his life. The only escape he can find is at the bottom of a bottle. He works, he drinks, and he sleeps with any woman who is willing to spread her legs. He doesn’t even realize the darkness has consumed him, until he finally catches a break in the clouds and finds a glimpse of light shining through.

Guided Love (Book 1)

guided love

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about the author

Tracie Redmond

I was born and raised in Northeastern, Pennsylvania where I still live today with my husband and three beautiful children. Like everyone, I have had my ups and downs and have seen my life take a complete change. Previously, I was a working mom putting in 60 hours a week as a Financial Advisor but with the sudden loss of my mom who was my best friend I found myself giving up the suits and meetings for jeans and snack time. I have always had the passion for reading and found an escape through the words of all the talented authors I have read. My passion allowed me the opportunity to blog and to get a wonderful insight into the indie world. I have enormous pride and stay true to the characters and their stories as they reveal themselves to me. I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my stories and hope you love them as much as I do

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my review5 Stars

My pricks are back!! Woohoo – I love this group of smart ass characters!  I was consumed by their lives in first book, Guided Love so I was beyond excited to revisit them in Weathered Love.

Oh man, I was angry at Cam at the end of the first book.  He seemed to be lacking any redeeming qualities – I mean he is seriously selfish and immature. He’s a total prick and that fact made me crazy curious to see how Tracie Redmond was going to atone his past behavior and attitude toward his friends.

And honestly, it’s a long up hill battle for Cam. He’s a hot mess – drowning his sorrows in booze and women – desperate to forget the chaos he’s made of out his life. It’s a downward spiral that he can’t seem to stop and every time he lets Roni back into his life, I wanted to scream at him – he just kept disappointing me and I hated it.

That is until he meets, Jessica – Sam’s new assistant.  A woman who might just be too good for him and all of his shameful past choices.

Except Jessica doesn’t know about all of his mistakes and poor choices thus giving Cam the opportunity to emerge as a better version of himself.  So all she sees is him for who he is at his core and all that he could be if he decided that this was how he wanted to live his life.  It allows for this sweet friendship to blossom and then a deeper relationship to develop with a connection that is worth worshiping.  It’s enchanting.  I loved every swoon worthy moment between these two.

As they discover who they are and what they want out of life together, Cam and Jessica are thrown some pretty big curve balls.  I devoured all of their drama and I love how their story unfolded.  Not only was it smart and witty but it was charming and real.  The best part was the author did a brilliant job redeeming certain characters – she made the unlikable likable.

Overall, I thought this book was great. I loved Cam and Jessica’s romance and I was pleasantly surprised with the twists and turns their story took. I also really liked that Weathered Love gives readers a glimpse into all the pricks lives. It put a smile on my face and left me wanting more from this series.

So my recommendation would be to definitely check the Prick crew out.




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