Quinn II – 4.5 Stars

Quinn ii

J.C. Cliff

Undaunted Men (Book 2)

Release Date:  April 19, 2016


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book blurb

QUINN IS BACK and pushing the limits on it all — suspense, sex, love, gut-wrenching emotions — with a fiery intense conclusion to his and Lexi’s story. The more Alexis runs, the harder Quinn fights for her.

It’s an undeniable truth; bad things happen to good people, and Lexi is not impervious to the realities of the life she left behind.

Keeping Lexi safe at all cost, Quinn remains unwavering in his duties, constantly putting his life on the line, time and time again.

Two tortured souls are pushed to the edges of their sanity and their love will be put to the test. Tempers flare, emotions burst, and love flickers, but after the ultimate explosion, can forgiveness be found amongst the rubble?

Alexis needs Quinn more than ever…and Quinn must decide if Lexi is truly his fate or if their romance was never meant to survive beyond his mission. One thing is for certain: neither Quinn nor Alexis will be the same after surfacing from the mountain trails. Now that they’ve survived the wild, can they survive each other?

Quinn (Book 1)

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about the author

J.C. Cliff

jc cliffThe one thing JC works most hard at is steering clear of the typical romance templates. JC Cliff likes her stories to be unique, one of a kind, and never read before original plots. 

JC Cliff is an independent author who enjoys creating page turning novels from the moment they pick up the book until the second they finish. She loves a good book full of mystery, intrigue, scorching hot romance, and all the elements of suspense.

She’s a die hard 80’s rock’n roll fan, and loves a good concert! JC wears many hats. They include being a wife of 24 years, 4 children, a small business owner, writer, reader, and what ever else is required of her. She loves taboo stories with twists and turns, and full of suspense. 

She likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include: offshore fishing, learning anything new, sewing, spending time at the beach, or the mountains.

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my review

4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed the Quinn series.  The plot was exciting and fast-paced as well as fun.  It’s definitely an entertaining read and I was completely drawn into this couples ever unfolding drama.

To quickly recap what is going on – Quinn was sent in by Lexi’s father to find and protect her after she ran off after her best friend told her she was in danger. He might’ve taken it a little bit further by falling in love with her but the heart wants what it wants and Quinn craves Lexi with all that he is.  After spending several weeks hiking in the woods, the first book ended with the bad guys catching up to them and all hell breaking loose.

So I was hella curious to see how it would all play out.  Would Lexi find a way to resolve all of her on-going drama and get her happily ever after with Quinn?! Or would he believe all the nonsense that she threw at him at he end of the first book.

Although I thought the second installment had a few flaws, I really did think it was a solid follow up.  The first half of the book was filled with all kinds of passionate encounters and it had a high level of intensity.  I loved it. But I think where the book failed was that the suspenseful story line just kinda petered out and then the book’s plot was drawn out into a completely different direction.  It wasn’t bad, the book just took a sharp left turn.

Overall, I would recommend both books in the Quinn series.  Definitely check it out.


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