Beneath the Vine – 4.5 Stars

beneath the vine

A.M. Johnson writing as

Lillian Bryant

 Release Date: March 20, 2016



book blurb

Selene Cavalier spent the majority of her time behind her cello. Her dull life was made up of dark notes, hard work and sheet music.

Bennett Monterosso did what he had to do to get his family’s winery up and running. He didn’t have time for his old ways. His quiet dominance had been silenced. His need was just waiting below the surface, until now.

Having her—it was all he could think about as he watched the young woman behind the cello.

Gage Calibri left his best friend, his home and his tarnished past five years ago. He suppressed his darker tastes, his physical appetites, and his secrets until he no longer had a choice.

It only took one night for these three lives to collide and to be altered forever.

This wasn’t what they were expecting. This wasn’t who she was. Each moment they sank deeper, each minute they felt more, each second they took her further.

Unhinged… restrained… this obsession… this love… it was all consuming.

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about the author

A.M. Johnson

I’m originally from Florida. I now live in Utah where I am a Full-Time Nurse. I am, however, always first a mother and wife. I began to love reading at a very young age and have toyed with the idea of writing ever since I can remember. I have written lots of bad poetry and have started several stories, but will have my first completed novel published in 2015.

I love all things romance!! I am inspired by the indie romance community as a whole and embrace the title book whore with great pride!

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my review

4.5 Stars

This book definitely did not turn out as I expected – Beneath the Vine is a treasure trove filled with unexpected twists and turns as well as tempting characters who consume you.  It was awesome.  The plot had an edge to it; I was anticipating the fall out throughout my read, so I’m going to do my best to leave my review spoiler free because it’s important to experience the book’s storyline as it unfolds.

When I started Beneath the Vine, I wasn’t sure what kind of relationship Selene, Bennett and Gabe were going to have.  I hesitated to start reading at first because I dislike love stories where the female lead is torn between two men – the angst and heartache in that type of story causes me too much stress within me to truly enjoy the romance.

I glad I read it because that isn’t truly the situation between these three characters.

At the start of the book, the author is reuniting Gabe and Bennett, who have been friends for a very long time.  They both grew up privileged and dedicated to pushing boundaries.  However, five years ago they had a falling out after an incident involving a woman and a rift developed between the two.  The same night they reconnect, they meet Selene.  Both men are drawn to Selene and you wonder if history will repeat itself.

Selene experiences the same insta-lust for both men and quickly gets pulled into their world of debauchery.  It was enticing and freaking hot.  The scenes between the various characters were intense and completely captivating.  Especially when it all falls apart.

Beneath the Vine is a entertaining and sexy read that I truly enjoyed. There were a few emotional jumps I wasn’t sure about but it all worked out beautifully and I was very happy with the ending.  Definitely a new release worth checking out.


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