A Love So Tragic – 5 Stars

a love so tragic

Stevie J. Cole

Release Date: February 15, 2016

Genre: Contemporary/Second Chance Romance


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book blurb


We all make them. Sometimes we break them. But what happens when the promise you break haunts your dreams, when that moment of betrayal echoes within every last beat of your heart?


Love is passionate, painful, and all consuming in the most brutal yet beautiful way. How many people have you said ‘I love you’ to? Five, ten, maybe no one? I’ve said that word to two men, but only one where I felt it.


This word sums up my relationship with Nicolas: devastating, painful, depressing.  A first love that should have lasted a lifetime, but I ruined with a stupid decision.  Shakespeare would refer to Nicolas as my star crossed lover, and I should know that stories such as ours always end in tragedy, but even with that, I can’t not love him, even if I’m married to someone else.

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about the authorStevie J. Cole

Stevie J. Cole is a secret rock star. Sex, drugs and, oh wait, no, just sex. She’s a whore for a British accent and has an unhealthy obsession with Russell Brand. She and LP plan to elope in Vegas and breed the world’s most epic child.

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my review

5 Stars

This book – A Love So Tragic – was hard for me to read. It is a powerful book.  The heartache and deception involved in this love story drove my heart up into my throat.  Honestly, I felt like I struggled and hurt right along with Nicolas and Peyton.

Nic and Peyton are soul mates. They met in high school and loved one another for five years. They were one another’s everything and planned to be that until the day they died. Unfortunately, the future they envisioned together suddenly changes because of one mistake that neither of them really ever heals from.

Then life happens and time passes. The only thing that never changes is the way these two feel for one another. It ultimately leads them down a road that pushes their boundaries both morally and emotionally.  Nicolas and Peyton discover what they would truly do to have the one they love and crave.

It’s intense.  And truthfully, it’s not a romance that is going to resonate with all readers. For me, I struggled with a few of their choices but it didn’t take away from my reading experience – it actually heightened all that I was feeling about the couple.  Simply because I wondered what I would do in their situation and I was curious what their happily ever after would end up looking like.

A Love So Tragic is truly an exceptional story.  It’s a thought provoking and emotional read that I would absolutely recommend.





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