Watch – 5 Stars


Bethany James

Watching Novella Series (Volume 3)

Release: January 19, 2016

Genre: Erotic Romance Serial


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book blurb

I’m at a standstill.

If I push forward, I could destroy everything that Jack and I have built together. If I pull back, I could be left forever wondering what if.

I’m torn between Jack and Elle, the man I love and my friend who wants to become my lover.

I’m curious. It would be a lie to say I wasn’t.

He says no. My body says yes.

Could I risk it? Risk hurting and possibly losing him.

Just you watch.


watch series


Amazon US   •  Amazon CA

Amazon UK  •  Amazon AU

watch teaser


about the authorBethany James

Bethany James was born and raised in Florida, and currently resides in Tampa. When she isn’t writing you can most likely find her with her nose buried in a book.

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my review

5 Stars

Hot damn. This novella was freaking sexually intense and if it doesn’t get your lady bits screaming for attention – you might be dead. Seriously. Because the final installment in the Watching series, Watch, was filled with page after page of naughty and erotic goodness.  Wooziers.

In the two previous volumes, Jack and Celia have surrendered to almost all of their fantasies together but there is one more tempting Celia. However, her newly found fascination with being with another woman might be the one thing that proves to be too much for this adventurous couple.

Their story unfolds at a fast pace and I was very curious how the situation would resolve itself. Would they say the hell with it and go for broke or would they play it safe?!?

I really liked how it all played out – the author finds a clever answer for the problem and I thought it was awesome how Jack fulfilled Celia dreams and desires while maintaining his own boundaries.  It left me feeling completely intoxicated on Jack and Celia’s love and lust for one another.

I devoured Watch – it was over the top entertaining. I loved Jack and Celia’s romance and thought it a fun journey start to finish for this couple. The Watching series is crazy good – definitely check it out today!!




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