Absolution – 5 Stars


LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 11, 2016


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book blurbEvelyn

I pray to be forgiven for my sins, but the prayers of someone like me won’t dare breach the edge of heaven.

Sins. All sins are equal in the eyes of God, but I’m not God. Some sins are far more wretched than others. And those sinners should pay, Evelyn. One sinner made me his sin, and I can’t let men like him live. They must face their judgement, Evelyn. I want to kill them. Every. Last. One.

Ezra James is no different, and I wanted to kill him, I needed to kill him, I’m was going to kill him…And then I found myself fascinated by him, obsessed and possessed in the most reverent of ways. I became his sinner, and he became my sin, but the wages of sin is death, so I must kill him.


The son of a whore, raised by gangsters, moulded into a key player in a corrupt world ruled by money and completely without morals.

This world can break a person. I’ve seen it time and time again. I never gave a shit, until the night I watched a man drop dead at the feet of a woman so broken she made even me feel whole. My little killer called to my depravity and everything in me demanded that I take her, possess her, own her.

Some monsters hide behind the faces of angels, where others stand in plain sight.

Damned. Broken. Irredeemable.

Through blood, absolution shall be found.

absolution teaser

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about the authorLP LOVELL

Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England. She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologise for afterwards.

She’s a self-confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.

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Stevie J. Cole is a secret rock star. Sex, drugs and, oh wait, no, just sex. She’s a whore for a British accent and has an unhealthy obsession with Russell Brand. She and LP plan to elope in Vegas and breed the world’s most epic child.

Author’s Links

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my review5 Stars

Sweet Jesus.  Absolution isn’t a book you read lightly.

The connection and passionate relationship in this story is dark… twisted. The main characters share all kinds of crazy and extreme feelings for one another. Their story is emotionally intense.  It isn’t totally healthy or what most people would label as romantic.  But that didn’t make Evie and Ezra’s love any less true.

These two are surrounded by dredges of society – they honestly encounter and deal with the worst kinds of people.  Their everyday lives are complex and you never knew what was going to happen next. Their moments of cruelty and mayhem are so well written you don’t know whether you should laugh or cry at their destructiveness and how normal it is to them. And the deeper I delved into their world, the more I wanted them to find their own distorted version of happily ever after.

It was tough going for these two.  Evie is defiant character.  She has a complete disregard for the dangerous situations she puts herself in or the consequences of her actions. She’s this beautiful, broken beast fighting her way through life. Her savior, Ezra is completely badass and he might have an even more tarnished soul than Evie.  Their relationship develops at an odd pace but slowly together they make their ugly lives whole.

Almost nothing shakes them.  Except for one another.  Evie would taunt Ezra and he would react.  Or vise versa.  I didn’t want to look away because who knew what the hell either one of them was going to do next – it’s what make their book awesome.  I was on the edge of my seat, devouring their story.  Consumed by their chaos.

I truly like dark romances and I thought that Absolution was an powerful book.  I definitely recommend you check this one out.



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