Jagger – 4 Stars


Olivia Hawthorne

Release Date: December 7, 2015


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book blurb

We’re two different people.

He’s my cocky, arrogant, rock star stepbrother, Jagger. He betrayed my trust years ago and I haven’t been able to forgive him ever since

I’m in college and the good girl in every sense of the word. Perfect GPA, perfect group of friends, and worlds apart from my Internet famous stepbrother who’s famously known for breaking hearts and leaving throngs of screaming fans in his wake.

So how can I tell my body to stop going crazy every time we’re together?

And when you’re sharing a room with the hottest man you know in the most romantic city in the world, how can you possibly say no?

She’s almost unbearable and completely off limits.

Jessa, aka JJ. My stepsister.

She’s perfect, focused, snide and hates me.

And she’s completely irresistible.

She haunts my thoughts, my dreams.

And she’s the reason I do what I do.

I’m a bad boy to forget about her.

The only problem is, it isn’t working.

***Originally published as a three part series, this edition includes a 6200 word BONUS chapter.



She looked distressed by her confession so I walked to her side. I hooked my finger under her chin and tilted her face up to look at me. She had tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

In the grip of some madness, I bent and kissed her cheek where one tear had fallen, leaving a wet path down her smooth skin. My lips tasted her salt and sorrow.

She gasped and tensed up, but didn’t pull away. I moved to kiss the other cheek where there were no tears. My lips touched her skin, my breath caught in the back of my throat, and I put my hand on her shoulder and stroked her arm slowly, as if taming a wild animal.

She froze, I couldn’t hear her breathing but I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as I moved my hand across her skin.

“Don’t,” she choked out and stepped back as if it burned. “We can’t…”

“Shit, I know. I don’t know what I was thinking,” I replied, turned on my heel and stormed to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. What the hell was wrong with me? She had been rejecting my friendship for years, what made me think she’d want to fuck me?

But if I were being honest, it wasn’t a fuck. With Jessa, it was so much more than that. With Jessa, it was dangerous and exciting, a love that could destroy me or grow bigger than our separate lives. A love that could consume us, but reward us with something truer than anything we’d ever imagined.

But she didn’t want it, so why did I try?

My phone buzzed and I looked down at it. Ten thirty, my alarm to go pick up the waitress.

I decided the only way to stop the burning in my heart was to take it out on some unnamed Parisian waitress. I took a deep breath, gathered the heartless jerk inside of me and opened the door.

Jess was sitting on the edge of the bed with a stricken look on her face. “Jagger–”

“Don’t have time to talk, babe,” I said and grabbed my jacket, “I’ve got a date, remember?”

“Are you serious?” she blurted. Her face dropped, but she regained her composure and became the ice bitch queen in the time it took my heart to beat.

“I never kid when there’s grade A pussy at stake,” I smirked and turned to leave.

Just as I got to the door, I turned back to her and said, “What I have planned is much better than the couch I have to look forward to in here. Plus, it goes without saying; don’t wait up for me.”

I heard her yell, “Bastard!” at my departing back and I knew my arrow had hit its mark.

It didn’t feel good though. It didn’t feel good at all.


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about the author

Olivia Hawthorne

Olivia Hawthorne loves short, hot, intense reads…so she decided to start writing them! She lives in the heart of Texas with her family.

Author’s Links

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my review

4 Stars

Holy freaking hotness!!  Jagger is a taboo romance filled with quick wit, crazy sexual chemistry and lots of drama!

Jagger and Jessa were tasked to take their younger sister and her friends on a birthday trip to Paris. They’re both dreading their time together since they have a complex history and a strong attraction to one another.  Scene after scene with them has you highly anticipating the moment when their irritation is going to flare up into full-blown make out session. It’s awesome.

They journey to finding a happily ever after together is a difficult one but anyone who likes angsty type romances will like all of their ups and downs.  Overall, I thought Jagger was an entertaining story. The plot was slightly predictable but it was still fun to read and I really enjoyed my time with these characters.


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