November – 5 Stars


Audrey Carlan

Calendar Girl (Book 11)

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

Release Date: November 30, 2015



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book blurb

Life, Love, Laughter.

Three things I never expected to experience in the month of giving thanks, but that is just what I received. Wes had survived Hell on Earth, and was back where he was meant to be…in my arms and my bed. For good. There would be no breaking us apart after the trauma we experienced up to this point.

My new job with Century Production sent me to the big apple to interview celebrities for a special segment on being thankful. What is a girl to do when she has an entire host of celebrity friends from her past year of travels? You better believe I called up my friends Mason Murphy, all-star pitcher for the Red Sox, and Anton Santiago, the Latin Lov-ah, to participate. They were all too happy to oblige, only my guy’s feathers were a bit ruffled by the ease with which they came running.

Add in my new family and you’ve got a fairytale Thanksgiving. Except for one tiny detail…the single seat at the table, left open by the hole in my heart that only one person could fill.

* * *

In the eleventh book of the Calendar Girl serial, Mia is off to New York City to film a segment for her new job. Now that her debt has been paid, and the threat from her ex is gone, she no longer has to live life as an escort. Only life has thrown her some new challenges to round out her year.

Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.




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about the author

Audrey Carlan

Audrey CarlanAudrey Carlan is an Amazon Best Selling Author who writes erotic contemporary romances, such as the wildly popular “Falling Series.” She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for over 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not writing, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, or doing yoga, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

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my review

5 Stars

Agghhhh!!  I could feel it this month. The conclusion that I’ve been dreading. Everything is settling into place and people are finding their happily ever afters – basically, all the loose threads are winding together in November.  Unfortunately, I guess I just have to accept it – my year long journey with Mia is almost over.

So much has changed since January and all of that became very apparent in this installment of the Calendar Girl series. November kind of walked through all Mia has to be thankful for and how much she now has to look forward to in her future. It made my heart soar.  It also got me thinking. Do you remember starting this series? Do you remember what were your original perceptions of how Mia’s year was going to go??

I thought this series was just going to be a year long adventure of kinky and erotic sexual adventures.  But what I got instead, was one women’s journey toward finding herself, healing her family and her incredible experience of falling in love.  (And lots and lots of hot sex!!)  It has been spectacular and I have loved every moment of Mia’s year.

The best part was Audrey Carlan still had one more trick up her sleeve and ended November with one hell of a cliffhanger.  I can’t wait for next month and to see what this author has in the works for next year.  She is a must read author and her Calendar Girl series is incredible.  Don’t miss out on Mia’s journey, read it today!!


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