Watched: Volume 2 – 5 Stars

watched vol 2

Bethany James

Watching Series (Volume 2)

Release Date: November 20, 2015



book blurb


So much has changed.

My typical Friday night before Jack revolved around a pint of ice cream and my Netflix queue. Now, I’m practically living with him and off the charts hot sex is my new normal.

If that wasn’t enough, Jack is helping me explore things I never knew I wanted sexually.

Turns out watching people have sex gets me off big time.

The question is, will being Watched turn me on as well?

Watching (Volume 1)

watching 1


about the author

Bethany James

Bethany James was born and raised Florida, currently residing in Tampa. When she isn’t writing you can most likely find her with her nose buried in a book.

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watched teaser

my review

5 Stars

Sweet Jesus.  I think that my lady bits are still on fire.  Seriously.  Please send Jack to my home immediately to dose the fire out with his tongue!!

Watched: Volume 2 is risqué.  And erotic. I think that because Celia and Jack’s relationship has developed into more and it’s not just lust they’re feeling for one another this second installment is even hotter than the first one.

This couple’s passion and fascination for fulfilling unknown desires will leave you wanting for days.   Their connection heightens their sexual chemistry and makes their scenes together more intense.

However, some of their choices create a few issues and open the door to even more.  It leaves you wondering how all of this affect Celia and Jack’s relationship in the future.  Do they satisfy all of their needs even at the risk of losing everything they’ve ever wanted?

Watched is a red, hot read – don’t miss out on Celia and Jack.  They’re awesome together and their adventure is a must read.  Very, very entertaining!






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