Tread – 4 Stars


Brandace Morrow & Justin Morrow

Ronin MC (Book 1)

Release Date: November 17, 2015


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book blurb

For me, growing up did not imply independence. My whole life has been paved before me like a well-traveled road. My twenty-first birthday signaled the end of my father’s rule, and the beginning of my husband’s—where I am expected to churn out infinite children with a smile.

As I stare at the oversized Temple doors, weighed down by more than yards of heavy, white lace, I do what I have never done before.

I make a decision for myself.

I decide to run.

Being in a motorcycle club is in my DNA, as is the military requirement to join. I served, I fought, and I survived the crucible of grueling training and intense combat. I returned to my club with newfound respect for right, wrong, and the shades of gray that connect them.

By day, I work at Ronin Auto, pulling things apart, fixing the problem, and putting them back together.

Grace and her nonfunctioning, little sedan prove to be a hiccup in a well-oiled machine.

Because by night, I smuggle soft felons into Mexico.
With things heating up at the border, and a missing MC family member, the last thing I need is an innocent to worry about.
But something about Grace makes me want to take apart all of her pieces to figure out how someone so beautiful has never even been kissed.

Against my better judgment, I strike a bargain with the little, blue-eyed beauty, and it changes everything I thought I knew. About women. About the club. About the man I’ve become.


my review

4 Stars

Tread book’s blurb caught my attention and I had to read it.  Tread wasn’t typical MC romance story – yes, it action packed and erotic but it was an awesome glimpse into a world I know nothing about.


So what makes this book different?!? The Ronin Motorcycle Club isn’t just another group of outlaws looking to having a good time on their own terms.  They’re all retired military from the various special forces and ops groups who still they want to protect and serve their country now that they’re home.  Their clubhouse property sits on the border of the United States and Mexico – a border which they monitor and protect. Except it’s isn’t totally altruistic, they definitely have found a way to make a profit using their land.

Anyway, it’s here in New Mexico that Grace and Tread’s lives cross paths.  Tread is all kinds of badass.  He was born into the Ronin lifestyle and everything about his life has been breed to be an efficient member of this group.  Grace on the other hand was raised in the house of God and everything about her life screams innocent and naïve.  They shouldn’t make any sense at all but suddenly they’re interacting and their sexual chemistry is in your face.  It’s awesome.

I ended up really liking the romance between Tread and Grace. Not only was it fun but it was great to watch this couple’s connection evolve. What started with snarky words, quickly turns into full-blown lust and then eventually love.  Their budding relationship is coupled with the Tread’s emotional demons and an interesting subplot of immigrant/border issues. Making their story complex and interesting.

Being that this was the first book in the series there is a lot of character introduction and background information laid out for the reader. I think the authors did a good job of making me feel like I knew this group of characters quickly as well as making me curious about their lives and their romances.

Overall, I thought Tread was a good read.  It was my first book from Brandace Morrow and Justin Morrow and I liked the storyline – the plot was highly entertaining. It moves at a fast pace and there was never any moment that I felt that the story was lagging or that it lost my interest. People looking for the rough gritty characters from an MC romance but want a slightly different storyline will appreciate this book and want more from the serious just like I do.

Definitely check it out.


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