Guiding Grayson – 4.5 Stars

Guiding Grayson

 Josie Lohr

 Release Date: April 5, 2015

Adult Contemporary Romance


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book blurb

Grayson Sutton loves teaching…and she’s good at it. She’s one of those teachers who throws every ounce of heart and passion into working with kids—and her students love her for it.

When Grayson hears about a position at a new charter school opening in Chicago, she knows she has to apply for her dream job—even though it’s over one thousand miles away from the small Georgia town she calls home with her longtime boyfriend Reid. After all, Reid has plans for Grayson’s future…and they don’t include teaching, especially not in Chicago.

When her offer letter arrives on a day with special significance for the couple, Grayson decides to compromise and move to Chicago with the understanding that it’s only temporary. But once there, she meets Emmett, the handsome owner of the school, and the chemistry between them complicates everything.

As Grayson makes a new life for herself in Chicago, she finds herself in the middle of a tug of war between her heart and home. Reid isn’t going to let go of Grayson without a fight…but neither will Emmett.

about the author

Jsoie Lohr

I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago.

I can remember the very first romance novel I read and I never looked back. When I was twelve years old I began writing romance “novels” in my spiral bound school notebooks. I would huddle on top of the bathroom sink, pulling the phone receiver into the bathroom and closing the door on it. Yes, the phone was attached to the wall. I would read my pages to my friend, who was also my cheerleader and confidant.

Years went by too fast, working in the rat race. I decided that life’s too short for what-ifs. So, I sat down and wrote my first romance novel this year. I’m still working in sales (something has to pay for my passion!)

Guiding Grayson was published in March. I have another book that is currently being edited and will hopefully be published yet this year. Currently, I’m working on a a darker, romantic novel.

Please check out Guiding Grayson. I’d love to hear your feedback!

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my review

 4.5 Stars

Even though Guiding Grayson was recommended to me and the book’s blurb enticed me, I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would like the story.  I’m just not a fan of books that involve love triangles. I struggle with plots that have cheating and all the angst that goes along with that. I dislike when characters can’t make up their minds and are indecisive about who to love.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case with Guiding Grayson’s storyline. It is not just a book about uncontrolled lust and drama – it was realistic romance about one women’s life.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of hot and suggestive scenes but there is an actual story to go along with it all.

Grayson and Reid, who are high school sweethearts, have been together for over seven years.  They’re on track for a future that everyone expects, except she isn’t as sure that he is capable of the partnership she craves. Gray wants more for her life and for Reid than he desires.

When Grayson receives an amazing opportunity for her career, things get a bit rocky for them. The flaws in their relationship shine brighter than their love and Grayson makes promises to Reid so they survive even though she is not sure how she will live with them.

Once she is in Chicago, the book does not become about Grayson finding a new love.  Emmett does not become the other man and there is no torrid affair. They meet and it’s awkward because there is something there but neither one acts on it.  The unleashed chemistry and passion between the two incites wicked banter and sexual frustration but their connection doesn’t become about deception or lies.  It makes for entertaining reading experience.

Before you reach a happily ever after moment for Grayson, there is all kinds of jaw dropping chaos. It’s awesome and addictive. I seriously could not put Grayson’s story down and read it in one sitting. There were a few points that didn’t sit quite right with me but overall it was truly an enjoyable read. Definitely check this one out.

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