XO, Blake – 4 Stars

XO, blake

Avery Aster

The Undergrad Series (Book 3)

Release Date: June 9 , 2015


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book blurb

For fans of the dark comedy BDSM film Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down comes an erotic exploration in domination and submission where Ivy League students let their naughtiest desires run wild…

If you think my besties Lex, Taddy, and Vive have had some bad luck earlier this year, cut to me at Glamorama. Last thing I remembered was dancing with Diego and Miguel from my English class, when the room started… spinning. And not in a good way! We got sick. Think Regan in The Exorcist. Taddy was rushed to the hospital. Holding on for dear life, I was carried out by the boys and taken back to their dorm.

Now I’m waking up in Diego’s bed and Miguel keeps staring at me from across the room. I’ve wanted to get into these dudes’ pants since the first day of class. But Diego told me he likes to be tied up and—wait for it—spanked. WTF! The news on TV reports that last night we all got roofied. And Vive just texted me saying that someone is out to kill her. Could this semester get any more bizarre? -–Blake Morgan, college freshman, gay best friend, virgin

The Undergrad Years is a new adult contemporary miniseries about first loves, independence, and everlasting friendships.

 Love, Lex (Book 1)

love, lex

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Your Truly, Taddy (Book 2)

yours truly, taddy

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The prolonged anticipation of having to wait all day to see Diego was almost unbearable. The mere thought of that man made me hard. My body craved him like Lex did her Yoo-hoo beverage. I hoped he felt the same way about me.

He had to. Right? That kiss and then the text where he stated he was thinking about me had made my heart melt.

I’d texted in advance letting him know when to expect me. And even though I had changed my clothes three times from casual to hip then back to casual, I was still a few minutes early. I was more excited than nervous to see him again.

Greeting me at the door, wearing sweat pants and a wife-beater, Diego put one of his muscular arms against the doorframe, revealing an armpit. A hot, sexy please-let-me-lick-it armpit at that.

Slowly, as if taking his time, he looked me over seductively, causing my stomach to flutter and my chest to expand.

Something intense, almost dirty, flared between us. I adjusted myself.

My senses reeled as if short-circuiting. I was totally entranced by his compelling personage. I didn’t know what to say. Realizing it was winter, I licked my lips a few times then asked, “Aren’t…‘ya cold in that?”

“Do I look like it?” he asked in confidence, a wide grin on his lips as if already knowing he was steaming lust and fire from every pore of his body. Even the mere sparkle in his eyes utterly turned me on.

Staring back at him with a longing I couldn’t hide any longer, I studied his lean, dark-skinned face before replying, “No. You look hot.” Once the admission released from my lips, I caught my breath in my throat, straightened my shoulders, and muttered, “You gonna let me in?”

,” he agreed and stepped back, letting me into the room. The sexy blue rope was on the nightstand.

Oh, boy.

The lights were dim.

Almost as if photographing his dick, my eyes went straight for his crotch. I wanted to remember the moment—Diego’s male beauty, his very presence with mine, the two of us alone—for forever. Under the sheer jersey cotton fabric, I could make out the shape of his thick, apparently hard, and somewhat c-shaped into a perfect upward curve of a penis.

Long and snake-like, the dude was hung as if there was a garden hose in his pants.

Swallowing the knot in my throat, I realized my own dick was swelling fast. Hard as a rock, there was an ache for release as I’d never experienced before.

I cleared my throat, pretending not to be affected by the mere thought of giving him a blow job. Good Lord, I wanted to drop to my knees and suck him like a baby calf to a mother’s milk.

As I adjusted myself again, for the umpteenth time, I felt dampness on the front of my pants.

Fuck. Pre-cum. 


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about the author

Avery Aster

I’m a New Yorker who lives on the Upper East Side. I write THE MANHATTANITES, a contemporary romantic soap opera of full length, stand alone novels, and it’s juicy prequel companion series THE UNDERGRAD YEARS.

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my review

4 Stars

I’m a new fan of author, Avery Aster. I recently discovered her Undergrad Series and I devoured the first three books. The characters all lead complex and highly dramatic lives but you should plan on being completely sucked into their chaos and loving it.

If you have read the previous novellas (which I really do recommend), you know these four close friends are compelling characters to read about, even if they are a bit over the top.  You never know what they will stumble into or how it will effect their lives.  XO, Blake is the third installment in their series and it centers around the fallout from an intense evening out. Everyone’s world changes after that night.

I thought Blake’s story was highly entertaining and captivating – more so than his female counterparts. You are quickly invested in his life – his character is very alluring.  His scenes are sensual and erotic.  You want more from Blake; you’re intrigued by his budding romance and new male friends.  You desperately want to see where his love life will go.

The author’s latest story will keep readers on the edge of their seat and turning the page to consume it all.  XO, Blake is a quick, fast-paced novella that will make you laugh, swoon as well as have your lady bits tingling.  I would completely recommend it, this series and I look forward to getting the final novella later this summer.

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