The Love Letters – 5 Stars

the love letters

Ashley Pullo

Release Date: February 12, 2015


book blurb

Ma femme,
If my love for you was strictly of a physical nature, then this would be easy. But it’s more than a passionate touch or a sensual kiss – our love is immeasurable.
xx Zach

The Love Letters is a collection of notes shared between two lovers separated by war. In a series of romantic correspondence, Natalie LeGrange and Zacherie Parker intimately document their whirlwind romance and plan for an uncertain future – full of humor and heartache, but absolutely no regrets.

The Album (Book One)

 the album


The Ballad (Book Two)

the ballad


about the author

Ashley Pullo

ashley pulloOnce upon a time, a girl from Dallas moved to NYC to chase a dream. The result? A husband, two children, a Boston terrier, and enough material to write comic gold for years.

NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration – the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity, pop-culture, and humor.

Author’s Links

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my review

5 Stars

Holy book hangover.  Is there going to be more??

The Love Letters was a charming book. With each letter, I was pulled in deeper and deeper into the friendship and love shared by Zach and Natalie. I laughed out loud several times at their banter and my heart ached feeling the pain of their separation.  Their story was romantic and sweet.  It was also hilarious and naughty.  It’s a highly compelling story.

The book felt authentic.  I feel like I was reading someone’s real and private letters.  I connected with the characters and their moment in time through details and the emotions expressed through the author’s words. There is something enticing about two people keeping one another’s attention and attraction with their intelligence and wit.  I loved every moment – I could have read their letters for days.

My only complaint – I’m so freaking in love with Zach and Natalie – I need and want more because I’m left feeling hollow with The Love Letter’s ending.  Please can we get more?!

If you’re looking for a romantic novella that will make your heart swoon, The Love Letters is the perfect read.  This novella can be read as a standalone and you should definitely check it out.


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