Whipped – 4.5 Stars


Kelly Collins

Release Date: February 9, 2015

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book blurb

Roxy Somerville grew up with everything. Sports cars and designer clothes were commonplace in her life. Love, affection and autonomy were not. She left her life of luxury, and traded her riches for freedom, a freedom that would lead her back to her first love.

Bobby Anderson had very little in the way of wealth as a child. He had a supportive family and it made him the richest of men. For a time, he had Roxy, then she was gone. Now she’s back in his life, and he will stop at nothing to keep her.

Travel through past mistakes to second chances. Take a journey straight to the heart of love. Whipped is dipped in intrigue and suspense and immersed in sizzling hot passion. Once you find yourself Whipped, there is no turning back.


Wrapped in his warm embrace, Roxy refuses to move. This is where she wants to be. She pretends they are a couple. In her mind they have been together for years. Lying in his arms is how she wakes up every morning. They are inseparable. Even in sleep he hangs on tight. His grip on her is one of unbreakable possession. In her fantasy, he never lets her go.

Cocooned in his tattered black T-shirt, she curls into his warm body in the center of the big bed. The morning light breaks through the curtains of his bedroom and shines like a spotlight on the royal blue dress. Last night’s party was epic. The borrowed blue dress had barely covered her body. In spite of the lack of fabric, Bobby’s eyes never left her face. He looked at her the way he did when they were teenagers. He saw her like no one else could.

 Just Dessert (Book 1)

just desserts

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Brownie Points (Book 2)

brownie points


Kelly Collins

kelly collinsKelly Collins lives in Colorado with her husband, James. She’s the proud mother of three young adults. They are her greatest accomplishment.

Reading has always been a passion. That passion turned into a career after she took a flight to New York and asked a what if question. That question turned into her first book, Tempo.

She has a passion for her family, a love of lemondrop martinis and is known to stop for anything shiny. She love hockey, gerbera daisies and standing in front of her fireplace until she nearly combusts.

Armed with a martini and her laptop, Kelly loves nothing more than to create a world that any woman would want to explore.

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my review

4.5 Stars

Whipped was a great book to read – it has a fast-paced, interesting plot filled with amazing characters. I devoured it.

Roxy and Bobby have known each other since they were teens – they were in love.  However, they grew up in very, very different worlds and even though their connection was strong, it was able to be shattered thanks to cruel, controlling parents.

As adults, they reconnect and their romance is enchanting. Swoon-worthy even. The kindness, dependability and love that Bobby showers Roxy with is why we read romance books. You’ll love Bobby’s fierce protectiveness of Roxy and wish you had a man like him in your life. You will also appreciate Roxy’s independence and her will to survive regardless of what life throws her way.

Balanced with their romance is Roxy’s stalking mystery. It escalates throughout the book and it has a powerful conclusion. It’s intense and it keeps you changing pages quickly because you’re so invested in the characters. I loved it!

Whipped could be read as a standalone but I recommend the reading the series in order.  I read the entire The Decadent Set collectively, in one sitting.  I loved experiencing the how much the writing improved from the first book to the latest release.  The author, Kelly Collins has found her groove with her characters, their crazy lives and her writing reflects that.

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